4 Secrets To Success Drop ship Muslim Niaga

Last updated : March 11, 2014

How to start an entrepreneurs business with Muslim Niaga?

Muslim Niaga is a success drop ship platform for the Islamic product. They will help drop ship entrepreneurs to have their own website online store. But the first thing entrepreneurs must do is they have to register in certain packages which have been offered by Muslim Niaga. After registration had been done, they will provide with 300 Islamic product order forms, payment systems and also blog. They also can choose their own domain and colour templates to make their online store more unique. Before we start with 4 Secrets To Success Drop ship Muslim Niaga, let me introduce what is Drop Ship.


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What is a Drop ship Business?

Drop ship is an exciting service offer by Wholesaler that requires a modest investment but allow entrepreneurs to enjoy the largest amount of success. It allows purchasers come along to buy products from entrepreneurs and the wholesaler will ship the product directly to the entrepreneur’s customer. When entrepreneurs want to start their first online business, they don’t have to worry about stocking or shipping products and this is the best service for those who want to start their business from home. For many people interested venturing into business for themselves, drop ship is the best answer.

4 Secrets To Success Drop ship Muslim Niaga


1. Focus One Niche Product From Muslim Niaga

There are 300 products from Muslim Niaga that you can choose as your virtual inventory. The most things can make you headache when you start your business are deciding what to sell. Many factors should be considered before you make a decision, but for now, you need to focus only one niche product that you know well and can easily market. For example, you can choose Al-Quran and religious books as your first product. With one niche product, you can rapidly develop your product rather than splitting your efforts across multiple products. When you are comfortable with your business, you can expand your business with more than one product. As the beginning, choose only one niche product!


2. Spread Your Business Into Social Media.


Spread-Your-Business-muslim-niaga-Into-Social-Media, muslim-niaga-in-media,.

To success in your business, promote your blog and product on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google Plus. This is the secret to success in drop ship Muslim Niaga for those who cannot afford to be running around town through all the traffic and meet customer only to promote their business. You need using social media as a platform to promote new products, connect with customers who want to chat and even publicize special offer.

3. A Mentor As Your Teacher


Find-A-Mentor-Muslim-Niaga, muslim-niaga-mentoring-keep-calm-and-find-a-mentor

A mentor is someone who more entrepreneurial business experience and success than you. They will develop their skills as a coach and will guide you but can’t do the work for you. They will help and give advice to help you achieve your goals. Who had joined drop ship Muslim Niaga, you will invite to the Entrepreneur Muslim Niaga Community. They will share tips, techniques and methods of doing marketing effectively and continuously. You can choose one of the Entrepreneur Muslim Niaga Community and make him/her as your mentor. Finding the right mentor allows you to bounce ideas off someone and work through strategy with them.

A great mentor will help your career in the right direction. A great mentor will become a friend long after your career has progressed. A great mentor will help you grow, prosper and succeed.

4. Respond And Give Feedback Quickly


Your customers can be your secret biggest fans. Respond quickly to your customer’s question to ensure that your responses are prompt and meaningful is the secret to success in this business. Quickly feedback from you can reduce their patience and also demonstrates that you care about your customers. If they lose their patience because of your late responses, it can be bad for your business. Your business not only loses the prospects of repeat orders from your regular customers, they may also tell against that your product or service is too bad to their friend and colleagues. So you need to quickly respond in order to. Be professional and polite, too. Say thank you if your customers give neither positive nor negative review.

Last but not least,

“Succeeding in life and business is like falling in love with your wife (for those of you that are married). You can’t leave your wife at the mercy of another man and feel safe.”

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