Here some story. Angry and annoy!

     Last Disember, my parent, (mother ‘M’, Father ‘J’), my mother’s friend and I went to the Penang Hill a.k.a ‘Bukit Bendera’. Parking our car is easy, because Father ‘J’ yang park kereta, others, awal-awal lagi dah masuk dalam Bukit Bendera. Very hot You know! Going up to the hill with cute train, happy, posing, snap photo, create memories but when we wanna going back, our car has been blocked by a red car! And the best part, that car did not leave any notes! No notes! No phone number! Arghhh! With the scorching heat, imagine, how long we are going to wait? Nonsense okay!

     Then ada pak guard gives suggestion. Guest what? Dia suruh kami angkat kereta. Ouhh angkat kereta je… What? Crazy habis! With 3 woman and 3 man boleh angkat kereta ke? Okay now, I give some suggestion.

Because this is Malaysia. Full of asian culture, respect others, and now i want to encourage ‘rakyat Malaysia’ to buy this car sticker from ‘Custom made sticker kereta‘ like the picture below. To the red car, please put this sticker to your car. At least, you can reduce the anger of other people. Thank you.


Custom made sticker kereta


Need some attractive sticker design? Here we go!

Custom made sticker kereta provides many designs for car sticker. All design yang attractive and once you see it, automatically tangan gatal untuk beli. Okay.. It’s my weakness 🙁

     And the best part with Custom made sticker kereta ni, you can design with your own idea! Yeah!! Suddenly all ideas came out. Urm.. Can I design sticker like “eating, praying, blogging and sleeping”? Since I “Planting grapes” kat rumah ni and waiting for offer to degree early childhood education, so no need title “studying” hehe.


Only rm5

“eat, pray, blogging and sleep”

Can you do it for me please :'(


     Imagine, by driving your car, we will get rewarded by ‘pahala’. Easy reward. How? When you stick this sticker,  anyone who read it and automatically you get ‘pahala’. Remember! Each single word counts for reward. And the most important, it’s easy to make you and other people think about Allah.


“In the name of God, most Gracious, most Compassionate”

Berminat untuk beli, di sini maklumat mengenai ‘Custom Made Sticker Kereta’ :

Website Car Stickers Malaysia(KLIK)

No Telefon:010-2255485 / 012-6953385

Fanpage: Car Stickers Malaysia

(yang ni FA tak paksa Korang Like,kalau sudi,LIKE la noh ^_^ )

Instagram Car Stickers Malaysia:car_stickers_malaysia.

Servis: Printing car Sticker dan sticker biasa

p/s: Berminat untuk menyertai contest, KLIK SINI


    • betul3… kalau kereta awek pun, senang je lelaki nak mintak no phone 😀

  1. jothysays: Reply

    Nak tanya
    Kalau I ade design sendiri u boleh print kan ke

    • boleh sahaja.. boleh contact fanpage car stickers malaysia 🙂

    • boleh contact ownernya sendiri.. boleh refer no kat bahagian bawah. 🙂

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